Regional manager of marketing department
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Job requirements:

Male, 25-35 years old, high school degree or above, majoring in marketing;

Work content:

1, responsible for the regional market channel development and management;
3, according to the marketing plan, complete sales tasks assigned by headquarters;
4, responsible for regional customer management, guidance, training and assessment;
5, the collection of market information, customer tracking and analysis of competitors;
6, responsible for organizing the operation of the sales process, including sales planning, organization, progress control;
7, set up and manage the sales team in the area, and achieve the sales target;
8, Good customer service and service 8, analysis and the development of the market;
9, regular visits and incentive within the area of new and old customers to further expand the market;
10, salary: basic salary + commission + bonus + year-end welfare;
Working time: 11, full-time, monthly paid vacation 3 days.

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