Warm home should pay attention to the eight problems
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Gradually low temperature, heating become a hot topic.

Many alternative heating equipment, heating, air conditioning and heating. Heating and air conditioning people more familiar with, and as for the Chinese new heating, warm, many people are still confused, only know that floor heating is very comfortable, but the selection and use common sense, virtually nothing. Therefore, experts tell you much knowledge about warm, hope to be able to avoid the risk of consumption for you.

Hot water type electric heating type heating VS

Floor heating, also known as low-temperature radiant floor heating system, is through buried under the floor heating pipe to floor heating (floor surface temperature general between 18 and 32 DEG C), by the floor radiation heat to the room so as to achieve the heating of the objective. Floor heating can be divided into two types of hot water type and electric heating type (heating cable) from the type of heat source. Floor heating since the main use of thermal radiation heating, accord with human body physiological feelings, heating a comfortable and healthy, also if you use proper maintenance, relatively economical and convenient, so in recent years is very popular with the Chinese consumers and pursued. Hot water type of heating is generally central gas boiler (or electric boiler), heating pipes are buried in the floor under the floor. Compared with the electric heating type, this way a one-time investment is larger, but the operating costs are relatively small.

We pay attention to 8 major issues to warm more security

1 as far as possible the use of marble, floor tiles or floor. If the selection of wood floors, can only choose a composite floor, can not choose solid wood floor. Wood flooring better thermal stability, the water content is lower, the heated so that the floor is not easy to deform; floor size should be thin, not thick, should not narrow width to conducive to the resistance to deformation and transmission requirements; floor cushion shoulds not be too thick, should be conducive to heat exchange and transmission. Be sure to use formaldehyde and other harmful substances to release a small amount of the floor, so as to avoid the floor due to bake and release more polluting substances and harm your health.

2 on the floor as far as possible not to do a large area of ornaments (such as carpets, etc.). No legs of the furniture, so as not to reduce the effective heat dissipation area and hot air flow, resulting in a weakening of the thermal effect.

3 floors do not display ordinary foam and plastic products. Because the poor thermal conductivity of these items, it is easy to cause heat accumulation, in the long term under the role of easy to produce harmful gases, endanger the health of people.

4 open floor heating system should be slow to heat up. Can not act with undue haste, the best one hour temperature about 1 degrees celsius. Keep the floor clean and dry before heating to prevent the floor from cracking and cracking due to excessive heating up.

5 don't drop, hit the ground or on the ground based into any sharp objects. Laying on the ground to warm the pipe from the floor surface is only about 3-4cm, if not pay attention to warm the pipe easily hurt.

6 water temperature should not be too high. Due to the low temperature radiation heating of floor heating system, so water temperature should not exceed 60 DEG C, the working pressure of heating system should not be too high. Otherwise, it would not only cause of comfortable heating problems, serious still can reduce the service life of the whole system. In this regard, consumers can also choose a number of automatic control devices, such as water temperature automatic control unit, limiting the inlet temperature is not more than 55 degrees Celsius, such as the water temperature reached 55 degrees, then the valve is automatically closed, hot water is cut off.

7 floor pavement is completed the best to do environmental acceptance. As for floor heating systems for compound wood floor, itself exists to formaldehyde to release a quantity, and the geothermal floor, after heating, exacerbated by the formaldehyde release. Therefore, after paving the geothermal heating floor, be sure to do environmental acceptance, to ensure the release of free formaldehyde to reach the standard. Not heavy environmental price to buy cheap goods, otherwise no end of trouble for the future!

8 selection of professional brands and products with excellent performance. The major strength of the regular company, do not covet cheap looking for small manufacturers and vendors. To warm the industry known as the "three points, seven points on installation, floor heating is a systematic project, from design, product selection, construction and installation to after-sales service, professional design and operation, if a certain part of the problem and the difficulty of maintenance non common, engineering is an arduous and complex task, and even affect the whole heating system of normal use, or greatly reduce the service life of the whole system, not only so, will be buried in the use of the latter to increase the energy consumption of the system, increase the use cost of the hidden dangers.

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