Plastic pipeline status is the prospect of a bright future
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With the development of plastic pipe material production, pipe fittings manufacturing technology, design theory and construction technology and improvement of the plastic pipe occupy a very important position in the municipal pipeline engineering. According to the national chemical building materials group of plastic pipe, deputy head of the expert group coordination, the Ministry of construction technology development promotion center director Gao Lixin introduced, to the end of 2005, the national plastic pipe production capacity has reached 350 million tons, actual production capacity reached 240 million tons, engineering volume reached 200 million tons, the municipal public engineering plastics pipe using about 100 million tons, market share rate of about 30%.

In the construction industry, a large proportion of the application.

At present, the plastic pipe has been widely used in urban water supply, urban drainage, urban gas, urban central heating.

According to Gao Lixin, director of the data provided by the urban water supply, the main varieties of plastic pipe rigid PVC pipe (PVC-U), polyethylene (PE) and gfrpmp (GRP), the engineering quantity totaled 110000 km; urban drainage plastic pipe are the main varieties of rigid PVC pipe (P VC-U), solid wall pipe PVC-U double wall corrugated pipe, the engineering amount has reached a total of more than 50000 kilometers of city gas pipeline; plastics are the main varieties of high density polyethylene (HDPE) and medium density polyethylene pipe (MDPE), the engineering quantity totaled 50000 km, the utilization rate reached nearly 30%; the city central heating insulation casing are the main varieties of polyethylene high density polyethylene pipe (HDPE), medium density polyethylene pipe (MDPE) and low density polyethylene pipe (L DPE), the engineering quantity totaled 50000 km; building water supply plastic Guan Daopin The main varieties of plastic (XPAP main varieties of plastic pipe for use mainly in hard polyvinyl chloride pipe (PVC-U), chlorinated polyvinyl chloride pipe (PVC-C), polyethylene pipe (PE), engineering a total amount of up to 80 million meters (150 million tons); building drainage plastic pipe main varieties of hard polyvinyl chloride (PVC-U), engineering use cumulative reach 10 billion meters (800 million tons); building heating pipe with heat resistant polyethylene pipe (PE-RT), cross-linked polyethylene aluminium composite pipe, radiator heating and floor radiant heating pipeline engineering usage totaled 30 million meters (30 million tons); construction electric line plastic protective sleeve for hard polyvinyl chloride pipe (PVC-U), engineering a total amount of up to 120 million meters (200 million tons).

Development prospects of a bright

High director said that regardless of the development strategy and planning from the state and industry, or from the construction industry development speed, the application of plastic pipes in the construction industry has broad prospects for development.

In the aspect of production and consumption, plastic pipe in the process of production, transportation and use, far below the other building materials, steel, aluminum, 25% and 12.5%, respectively, hard PVC plastic production energy consumption is only 30% - 50% of the cast iron pipe and steel pipe. At the same time, because of the smooth surface, in the use of the process, plastic water supply pipe can than the metal tube to reduce water consumption by 50%, such as PVC pipe for water supply ratio of the steel tube can be energy-saving 62%-75% for drainage than the cast iron pipe can be energy-saving 55%-68%.

To further promote the development of the plastic pipe industry, the state promulgated the "national chemical building materials industry" fifteen "plan and the 2010 development plan" and related policy documents. In the "compendium" put forward clearly: by 2010, 80% of the building water supply and drainage pipeline adopts a plastic pipe, construction of rainwater drainage pipe 70% using plastic pipe, 30% of the urban drainage pipe with plastic pipe, building water supply, water supply and heating pipes 80% using plastic pipe, the urban water supply pipeline (DN400m m or less) 70% of the plastic pipe, 70% of the villages and towns water supply pipeline adopts a plastic pipe, city gas pipeline (low pressure pipe) 60% use of plastic pipe, building wire threading protective sleeve 90% using plastic pipe. In addition, in the announcement No.27 and No. 218 of the Ministry of construction and relevant guidance documents, plastic pipe as a kind of new building materials is a key to promote the application, for the plastic pipe in the popularization and application of the construction industry to promote. At the same time, accelerate the process of urbanization, will drive the development of urban infrastructure, municipal public pipeline demand will increase. According to relevant experts according to the construction industry development planning estimates, "Eleventh Five Year" during the amount of average annual plastic pipeline engineering will exceed 200 million tons. The amount of municipal public works and construction will reach more than 50 million tons, and building indoor plumbing annual demand of about 30 million meters (about plastic tube 50 million tons).

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