How to choose hot and cold PP-R pipes
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How to choose hot and cold PP-R pipes

PP-R tube manufacturers more, quality differences, once the leakage, loss of huge, recommended the use of well-known brand products, the company is one of the well-known manufacturers, welcome to buy. Here we come to learn about how to choose hot and cold PP-R water pipes.

1, for cold water (less than or equal to 40 DEG C) system, selection of P.N1.0 ~ 1.6Mpa pipes, pipe fittings; for hot water system adopts is more than or equal to PN2.0MPa pipes, pipe fittings.

2, pay attention to the overall pipeline using coefficient C (safety coefficient) is determined: general situation, and the long-term continuous temperature < 70 DEG C, optional C=1.25. On important occasions, and long-term continuous use temperature is more than or equal to 70 DEG C and may be a long time running at a higher temperature, optional C=1.5.

3, after considering the above point, the SDR pipe fittings should not be more than SDR, that is, the wall thickness of the pipe should be no less than the same thickness of the pipe wall thickness.

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